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26: Productivity & Learning How To Hire

We talk about managing schedules and productivity tools. Then we talk about what we're learning about making a really great hiring process.

25: CEO Stops Coding, Culture, Superhuman

Brandon officially stops coding, now that Blake has taken over all his coding responsibilities. We talk about our completely broken hiring process and how we are fixing it by starting from first principles. And then we rave about how Superhuman has changed our email lives (we never thought we'd be *that* person).

Title: 24: Conference Sponsorship ROI & Code vs Nocode Marketing Site

We discuss our sponsorship of React Miami, the outcomes from that, and how we are evaluating ROI. After some other product and company updates, we talk about switching our Webflow website to Makeswift. And the tradeoffs of code vs nocode marketing sites.

23: Fires and Focus

Being a founder is an extreme exercise in focus, prioritization, and discipline. This week we're feeling this more than ever, with so many things to do. We give updates on hiring, Blitz Toolkit, Flightcontrol product updates including preview environments, and comment on the Redwood 1.0 release.

22: We Finished Y Combinator!!

This is the final week of this YC batch, so we reflect on the past three the months, our fast paced fundraising process in the last two weeks, and where we go from here.

21: Thriving Cofounder Relationships in the Heat of YC

Week 10 of YC and life is off the charts! We talk about being human, being fully yourself in important meetings, and how we are cultivating a super healthy cofounder relationship in the midst of chaos.

20: Inside Y Combinator’s Final Month

Brandon and Mina give an update from week 9 of 12 of this Y Combinator batch. The phase were it starts to feel like the wheels are coming off the bus 🤪 And also discuss YC in general. They also talk about their first in-person company gathering and how important shared in-person context is.

19: Bootstrapping into Y Combinator and Raising $1 million

This is a secret episode recorded on November 5, 2021 where Brandon and Mina share the exciting and brutal backstory on how they tried and failed to raise VC money, eventually got into Y Combinator, and then quickly raised a total of $1 million.

18: Startup Work-Life Balance and Mental Health

This week we dig into how we are managing our work-life balance and mental health while building an ambitious startup. We share our mental framework for processing it all, the guidelines we put in place for ourselves, and some tactics we're using.

17: How To Initially Price Your Startup

We discuss Flightcontrol progress update, how personal perceptions can vary widely between video calls and in person, and then dig into pricing. We talk through our entire pricing journey, the things we tried, and how we eventually ended up at our current pricing.

16: Week 3 — We Have Paying Customers!

It's week 3 after launch, and we now have paying customers! We talk about our current rention numbers and how we're working toward a public launch soon. (Also sorry for the delayed publishing! Totally forgot to upload and publish in the heat of startup life 😂)

15: The Great Hosting Migration of 2022 Has Begun

It's been an awesome second week since onboarding our first customer. We manually onboarded 20 more and then opened up self signup. We discuss how we're managing it all, and what's coming next.

14: Onboarded First 12 Users!!!! Our Learnings on the MVP and Initial Pricing

We have liftoff!!! This was a wild and awesome week onboarding our first users and getting our first taste of product market fit signals. We recall our week day by day, sharing what it feels like to onboard your first users. We also talk about finding the delicate MVP recipe and about how we are figuring out our initial pricing.

13: Analytics, New Development Cycle, and Choosing KPIs

After our weekly Flightcontrol progress update, we dig into our new weekly development cycle process and choosing our KPIs and short term goal.

12: We Finally Shipped! And Q4 Debrief

We finally shipped Flightcontrol to production! And we dissect the last 3 months to figure out why it took so much longer to build than we anticipated. And talk about what we are doing going forward.

11: Blitz.js Pivot to Framework Agnostic Toolkit

We discuss the new RFC to pivot Blitz.js to a framework agnostic toolkit. And we talk about how that plays into Flightcontrol.

10: Another Week Without Shipping V1 😬

We're continuing to make good progress, but that last 10% just gets you every time!

9: 15 Hour Days With No Progress & PlanetScale Learning Curve

One week later and v1 still isn't shipped. This has been stressing Mina out and Brandon tries to keep Mina from burning out. We also talk about how PlanetScale pulls the rug out from under DB migrations and how to use it with Prisma.

8: Crunch Week Before Onboarding First Users

It's crunch week as we are scrambling to finish the last 10% needed to start onboarding some users! We talk through our mental and technical progress.

7: Our First Time Meeting in Person & Technical Update on Flightcontrol

Brandon and Mina meet in person for the first time! They talk about what that experience was like. Then they go into a lot of technical discussion about the design and implementation of Flightcontrol, including DB selection, schema design, and how Flightcontrol will let you manage projects, environments, and services.

6: MVP Progress, One-on-Ones, and Getting an Executive Coach

Brandon and Mina discuss the progress toward the MVP launch by end of November, learning how to have one-on-ones, and Brandon getting an executive coach.

5: Blitz Passes 10k Github Stars and Progress on Flightcontrol Early Access

Brandon and Mina talk about Blitz passing 10k Github stars, Vercel hiring Rich Harris, Connect.tech conference, and latest progress on Flightcontrol.

4: Building a Company Legacy and When To Hire

Mina and Brandon give progress updates and then talk about how they are thinking about company building, what their goals and values are etc. And then they discuss whether to hire another engineer or not.

3: Founder Summit and the Next.js 12 Release

Brandon talks about what it was like to attend Founder Summit in Mexico City. And we talk about all the hot new Next.js 12 features and how they will affect and integrate into Blitz.

2: Forking Next.js and Using Temporal to Wrangle Async Workflows

We talk about how Blitz forked Next.js earlier this year and Brandon's current status on finishing that migration and progress towards Blitz 1.0. And then we talk about Temporal and how it's making Mina's backend development so much nicer. Lastly, we discuss the relationship between Flightcontrol and Blitz.

1: Who is Brandon & Mina and Why Are They Building Flightcontrol?

Brandon and Mina introduce themselves and talk about why they are building Flightcontrol and where they are in the process.

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